Turning traffic into revenue

Although it’s been a few weeks since our class’ discussion on metrics, I can’t help but think about it.
I recently wrote a discussion post in another class regarding the uses and gratifications theory, and it brought the topic to the forefront of my mind, once again.
Why do we bother tracking how many likes or comments we have on Facebook, how many ReTweets on Twitter, how many passersby have visited our website?
It’s because these are the first of many goals. These are the steps toward turning traffic into revenue.
The problem is, too many people don’t see it as a step toward obtaining a customer; they believe they already have hooked the customer. But they haven’t.
I recently read a blog from FutureBuzz.com that addressed the problem of a popular site that is not profitable. The blogger gave a few reasons why this could happen:
• People visit only to read your blog but the content there is a non sequitur to what you actually do as a brand.
• Those who are drawn to your content don’t actually need your product or service.
• People respond to your digital marketing efforts, but when they reach your website it is difficult to navigate or lacks effective call to actions.
• Visitors come to research but you have no plan in place to nurture these audiences and elevate them to qualified sales lead.
The first in this list is obviously the most important, but I’d also add to this list that the website could be attractive, but it may not be a conversation-starter.
This is what it all comes down to: your “visitors,” “likers,” or “tweeters” should be acting on what they see. Whether it is telling their friends, subscribing or buying a product, the way you reach them should change their behavior.


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