Feature story as a press release

I recently read a blog discussing how to make a press release more interesting by putting a little more thought and creativity into it.

The blog discusses how giving a static, informational and “egotistical” press release is not what people are attracted to – they’re attracted to something written more visually and something that’s more poignant.

This led me to the idea of turning a press release into something resembling more of a feature story. This is an especially good idea if the release is going out to traditional news media outlets.

If someone is well-versed in traditional media and strong enough as a writer to give an editor something close to what he or she would put in a paper or on a website, then the release will be so much more successful.

However, this method lends itself to more outlets than only traditional media. I think the prime use for a feature release would be in a newsletter or brochure.

For example, if I were to work for a non-profit like Habitat for Humanity, I might design a newsletter featuring a family that received a home from the organization.

I don’t mean to flatter myself into thinking that I’ve invented something that has never been done, because it has.

However, from my experience these press releases are still so egotistical and focused on the organization or the company. If we can focus on the people who are affected and find the conflict and maybe tug at a few heartstrings, we could create a release that’s much more effective.

Of course, I’m thinking of this from the perspective of a non-profit organization’s PR. And that’s what we’re wanting to achieve when working for that type of organization – we want to make people care. I can’t think of a better way to do that than to make it about the people who are being affected.


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