Combining traditional PR and web 2.0 strategies

Working at a newspaper for the past few years led me to believe that PR professionals rely much more heavily on the news media than they actually do.

I never realized how much PR actually interact with the public (Seeing as how it’s called “Public Relation,” you’d think I would get it). I think for a time, PR may have depended on the news media much more than they do now, but social media has changed that completely.

In their book, “Putting the Public Back in Public Relations,” Brian Solis and Deirdre Breakenridge explained how PR 2.0 could combine with conventional PR to reach more people.

“This is our chance to not only work with traditional journalists, but to also engage directly with a new set of organic influencers using the media channels (traditional and social) that read them.”

PR professionals seem to be either underestimating and rejecting social media or completely embracing it. I think the challenge is learning how to combine PR strategies as Solis and Breakenridge described.

I’m still feeling slightly overwhelmed with the amount of social media and all the ways in which we can use it to our advantage as PR professionals.

I understand the basics of websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but there are so many new things I’m learning about them.

Before now, I had no idea how Twitter’s “true reach” worked or even what it is. I also didn’t know how to track stats on Facebook. There are so many options now to see how successful we are in getting people to pay attention to the messages we are disbursing. There’s still so much I need to learn about these things, including how to manage the very blog I’m writing, but I think I’ll be able to grasp it.

After learning how to formulate a plan in class this past Wednesday, it’s so much more clear to me how I could utilize PR 2.0 strategies like social media and combine them with traditional strategies like direct mail, news media, etc.

I’m even more excited about learning to use video and photography and mixing it in with  this. I was completely enthralled with the idea of creating a Youtube channel as a tactic. It’s so much easier to captivate people when they can not only read a message, but see it illustrated right in front of them. I especially see the benefit of this when using it in a nonprofit campaign. It’s easy to tell people how beneficial an organization like Habitat for Humanity is, but combining it with a video showing people building a home from beginning to end and seeing the reaction from the person who will move into the home is priceless.


Solis, R., & reakenridge, D. (2009). Putting the public back in public relations, how social media is reinventing the aging business of pr. (p. xix). Ft Pr.Retrieved from


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